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A Few of the Recent Street Actors
In Old Barkerville

Mr. Peter Chance: A charming debonair gentleman who spends many an evening "entertaining" the local miners with "harmless" games of card & chance.

provided by
Ron Young

Louis Blanc Photographic Gallery

Jack: An erstwhile miner and dreamer, Jack can always be found prowling the creek looking for his next big idea.
Mrs. Murphy: Barkerville's postmistress at the turn of the century with strong connections to the Chinese community.
Mr. Pattullo: The richest man in the colony in 1870 and a sworn Dominionist. Also a renown philanthropist helping those less fortunate.
Miss Bella Hodgkins: Formerly known as Hurdy Billie, now married to Bill Hodgkinson and operating a very respectable laundry. She works so hard her husband is oft heard to say "Sleep Bella, sleep".

Mr. Grimbsby & Mr. Cruikshank: of the Sheepskin Claim. You may be investing before you know it - watch your poke!


Judge Bushby & Judge Begbie:Justice prevails at the Richfield Courthouse under the scrutiny of their honours.
Mr. Cameron: A fine craftsman with a hammer and steel in the Cameron & Ames Blacksmith shop.
Mr. Hamilton: Regularly seen traversing the streets driving the BX Stage and Freight Waggon.
Mary Hastie: recently arrived from San Francisco she is spelling off Mrs. Bowron in the schoolhouse whilst recovering from a broken heart.
Lee Chong: Also known as "Forty Below" runs the laundry across from the Lung Duck Tong (also the town bootlegger). Join him for a friendly game of Mah Jong.
Kate Hartley: Hurdy Gurdy dancer. Kate yearns for a life not of dancing but of home and family, alas she is indentured to Boss Hurdy Rosa Hubb.
Samuel Montgomery: came to Barkerville in search for that one that glitters like the sun. He is up from the 49 Rush of California to seek his fortune.
Mrs. Kelly: Sample her tasty delicacies at the Wendle House. Just follow the enticing aroma of fresh baking.

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