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The World Wide Web is an awfully big place, never mind the real world. Wouldn't it be great if our little corner of it was incredibly accessible?

That's what Barkerville Online and are all about. Our Barkerville website is easily the most comprehensive website for Barkerville Historic Town, our newspapers have been distributed widely in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, further afield than any other visitor-oriented publication of the area. Furthermore, associating your business with Barkerville's already high-profile spells accessibility and visibility for your business; after all, Barkerville is the largest tourism destination in all of the Cariboo.


Barkerville Online and believe in supporting local community projects. carries local events schedules for Barkerville, Wells, Bowron Lakes, Cottonwood House and Quesnel. Our Barkerville website has community information pages for concert/coffeehouse information, music and other festivals, local weather and road conditions, special interest events and celebrations for communities throughout the Cariboo. Not only do these services benefit the specific organizations, they benefit the general public AND YOU! The more useful a site is, the more it will be frequented and your business or organization can only benefit from this traffic.

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Special Note: is providing a FREE service to all Cariboo artists called the Cariboo Artists' Registry. Supply us with an example of your artwork (all mediums accepted) in a recognized graphics format (i.e. gif, jpg, eps, bmp, tiff, etc.) and will display the image (only one for each medium the artist works in please) on the WWW. If you are unable to supply us with an electronic image we can scan a photograph and convert it for a scan/prep charge of $10 per image - that's it! There will be NO OTHER CHARGES. For more information please email , phone (250) 392-7119 or fax (250) 392-7129.

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