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A short time since, an athletic young farmer, in the town of Waynesboro, took a fair young girl, 'all bathed in blushes,' from her parents, and started for the first town across the Pennsylvania line to be married, where the ceremony could be performed without a license.
The happy pair were accompanied by the sister of the girl, a tall, gaunt, sharp-featured female of some thirty-seven summers.
The pair crossed the river, were married, and returned to Wellesville to pass the night~

People at the hotel where the wedding party stopped observed that they conducted themselves in a peculiar manner. The husband would take his sister-in-law, the female aforesaid into the parlor and talk earnestly to her, gesticulating wildly all the while. Then the tall female would 'put her foot down' and talk to him in an angry and excited manner. Then the husband would take his fair young bride into a corner; but he would no sooner commence talking to her than the gaunt sister would run in between them, and angrily join in the conversation. The people at the hotel ascertained what this meant about nine o'clock that evening. There was an uproar in the room which had been assigned to the newly married couple. Female shrieks and masculine 'swears' started the people in the hotel and they rushed to the spot. The gaunt female was pressing against the door of the room and the newly married man mostly undressed, was barring her out with all his might. Occasionally she would kick the door open far enough to disclose the stalwart husband in his gentlemanly Greek slave apparel. ...more...

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The Halpenny Letters
Published in the Gold Rush Trail Journal for the first time ever these amazing letters speak from the heart about the life of a young man who left his home and family far behind in search of the glory and riches of a goldrush.

John Jessop - Overlander - Adventurer
from "This Hard Land" by Richard Thomas Wright

Gold Dust & Murder
The Vicious Exploits of Boone Helm


Barkerville Burns
A First Hand Account of the Conflagration

Indian Attack
Survivor Strikes Gold on Williams Creek

Tragedy & Riches
The Story of Cariboo Cameron

Gold Struck!
102 Pounds Taken Out in Eight Hours

Murderer Will Hang
The Trial of James Barry

First Among Men
A Story of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, Cheif Justice of British Columbia


~ R.I.P. ~

A baker in England stole a tombstone for the hearth of his oven. One of his customers, finding a death's head on the bottom of his loaf of bread, ran in dismay to his deacon, fearing the end of the world was approaching. The latter was in equal trepidation, when on examining his own loaf, he found the marrow bones. In their alarm, they had recourse to the parson, who could not afford them consolation, inasmuch as "R.I.P." was legibly set forth in bold relief upon his own loaf.
Begbie's Epitaph Tribute to the Great Leader
Interview With 'Judge Begbie' Peter Burgis, an actor who has interpreted the life of Judge Begbie for over 20 years, gives comment on the man and the myth.
Prologue by James Andersen (Bard of the Cariboo)
The Dancing Gals of Cariboo of 1866 (a song)
The Dominion of Canada a report of the newly formed power from The Cosmopolitan
A Tragic Suicide (from Barkerville by Richard Thomas Wright) Electric Telegraph without Wires
A New Disease (a report on Meningitis)
Unfortunate Accident
Good Pay on Lightning Ck. (May, 1870)
Missing Men (from the Victoria Standard)
New Employment for Chinese (from the London Times)
Novel Proceedings in Chinese Case (from the Grass Valley National)
The Power of Music
Precarious Income
Census of San Franscisco (August, 1870)
Sheet Iron Stomach
A Fishing Story
How Deep can Shafts be Sunk?
The Benefit of Drinking Whiskey
Inexplosive Gundpower
A Hoax (Execution of Jefferson Davis)
Man Attacked by Monkeys (from The Escaut)
Cariboo Market Report (July 1st, 1865)
A Good Price
Electricity the Cause of Animal Colours
Who is to Blame? (mail delayed, 1870)
Unhappy Reflections (thoughts of a Cariboo miner)
Dominion Day Celebrations! in Barkerville, 1871 Victoria Report (from our Correspondant, 1865)
1869 Trivia
The Broken Miner by John A. Fraser (1866)
A Declaration of Independence and Grievances by those at Red River (1870)
Revenge on a Bank a true account of Baron von Rothchild v. The Bank of England (1867)
Tookoolitka: A Romance
As Others See Us (from the London Daily News)
Regulations for Stagecoach Travellers
Caught in His Own Trap
War in Europe details of the Franco-Prussian War
Telegraphic News of the War in Europe (August, 1870)
Curiousities for the Paris Exposition (1867)

A Hot Bath (a tremendously humourous story)
A Sleepless Man
A Wells Landmark Burns (detailed account of the fire that destroyed a local landmark and important piece of 1930's history in Wells).
How It Strikes A Stranger (from the Caribooite)
The Road Side Houses (a report on the status of the roadhouses)
An Opinion on the beating of Wives (from the San Franciso News)
Thoughts on Shaving c. 1857
Destruction of Idaho City (June, 1865)
Drowning in Esquimalt Harbour (July, 1865)
Impossible Age (why women are not admitted to the Chambre des Deputés)
Winning A Wager (a lesson in stupidity)
American Relations with the Dominion (from the London Times)
A New Definition (satire from Fort Victoria)
San Francisco Report (March, 1870)
A Country Rebuke
The Execution of murderers James Barry & Nikel Palsk (a report from Richfield)
Proper Street Etiquette (being a discussion of how best to conduct yourself in public)
The Ten Commandments Life's guiding principles, as miners see them.
The Trouble With Dogs
Who's Who (brief background on those you will see in the street this season (1994)
A Sporting Man Used Up
Spring Assizes
A Fatal Kiss A story of 'love gone wrong'.
Curatorial Notes (otherwise known as Notes from the Curator)
Hard Luck by James Andersen
Rowdyism (excerpts from the police court concerning this terrible affliction upon our otherwise virtuous frontier society)
Latest News from around the World, 1866
Investment Rally!!! at the Sheepskin Claim "Among several other redeeming factors, this claim is adjacent to no less than that of the Barker Co.'s Claim. Yes, that's right. The find that started it all. Don't miss out on this opportunity!" - Patrick McKenna, proprietor & gentleman miner.
Haunted House (from the Londonderry Sentinel
The Fenian Reports Information on the Fenian Raids on Canada (1870)
Red River & Annexation (an update of the movement)
A brief biography of 'Scotch Jennie'
Charles Augustus Simmons ON KONFEDERASHUN (1871)
A discussion of the Chee Kung Tong (Chinese Masonic Temple) by Curator, Bill Quackenbush
The Legislative Council debate on the terms of Confederation (1870)
'Riptearer the b'ar hunter' or How He Lost His Tail

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