Services available in the Wells/Barkerville/Bowron Lake Area


Emergency Numbers:

Ambulance/Fire/Police call 911

BCAA Emergency Road Services call 1-800-222-4357

Forest Fires call 1-800-663-5555




• King House Bed & Breakfast call/fax 1-250-994-3328/3312

• Kelly House Bed & Breakfast call/fax 1-250-994-3328/3312

• St. George Hotel Bed/Breakfast call/fax 1-205-994-0008 or 1-888-246-7690


• Hubs Motel call 1-250-994-3313 or e-mail: or fax to: 1-250-994-3425

• White Cap Motor Inn call 1-800-377-2028 or e-mail: or fax to:1-250-994-3426

• Wells Hotel call 1-800-860-2299 or e-mail or fax to 1-250-994-3494

• RV services: Cariboo Joy Tours 1-888-996-4653, email

• Wilderness Bed & Breakfast call 1-250-994-3209

• Valley View Bed & Breakfast call 1-250-994-3406

• Jean’ Bed & Breakfast call 1-250-994-2324

• Northwoods Inn call 1-250-994-3325

• Wells Apartments call 1-250-994-3296

• W & J’s Get ­Away call 1-250-249-5474 or e-mail for reservations

• Good Eats Recreation Rental call 1 250 994-3448

Bowron Lake:

• Becker’s Lodge call 1-800-808-4761 or email: or fax to: 1-250-992-8893

• Bowron Lake Lodge call Radio Operator for Bowron Lake LodgeN697937 on the Wells YP Channel




Forest Rose Campsite has 56 sites with flush toilets and shower

Government Hill Campsite has 23 sites with only pit toilets and portable water

Lowhee Campsite has 87 sites with flush toliets,showers and use of a sani-station.

Reservations Lowhee campsite only can be made by calling

1-800-HELLO BC (1-800-435-5622

Bowron Lake :

Becker’s Lodge (See Above)

Bowron Lake Lodge (See Above)

Bowron Lake Lake Provincial Park Campsite(No reservations required)


White Cap RV Park has 15 sites with complete hook-ups, 7 with no hook-ups and a sani-station (See Above)


Photography/Costume Rental


Louis A. Blanc Photographic Gallery call 1-250-994-3235 off season 1-250-392-7119




Lung Duck Tong Chinese Restaurant call 1-250-994-3458

Goldfield Bakery call 1-250-994-3241

Wake-Up Jake Restaurant call 1-250-994-3259

House Hotel Rootbeer Saloon call 1-250-994-3262


Bear's Paw Cafe call 1-250-994-2345

Country Encounters call 1-250-994-2361

Northwoods call 1-250-994-3325

Wells Hotel call 1-250-994-3427

White Cap Motor Inn call 1-800-377-2028 or e-mail: or fax to:1-250-994-3426

Bowron Lake:

Becker’s Lodge (See telephone # Above)

Bowron Lake Lodge (See Above)

Bear River Mercantile call Radio Operator and ask for Wells Channel YP N496699


Laundry Facilities:

White Cap Motor Inn (Wells) See Above


Fuel/Groceries/Hunting & Fishing Licences are available at:

Wells Service Station call 1-250-994-3224

Bear River Mercantile (Bowron Lake) See Above

Becker’s Lodge (Bowron Lake) See Above


Postal Services Available at:

Pete & Digger’s General Store Open Year Round ­Across from Wells Hotel

Barkerville Historic Town (Seasonal)


Special Attractions in Wells:

Island Mountain Arts call 1-800-442-2787

Wells Museum call 1-250-994-3422

Marie Nagel Art Studio call 1-250-994-3492

Royal Canadian Legion call 1-250-994-3208

Amazing Space Studio call 1-250-994-2332

Moose Island Massage Therapy call 1-250-994-3498

Gold Safari Stage Lines call 1-250-994-3463

Alpine Snow Ventures (Seasonal) call 1-250-994-2334


Interac is available at the following Wells Businesses and in several locations at Barkerville Historic Town:

• Wells Service Station

• White Caps Motor Inn

• Northwoods Restaurant

• Wells Hotel

• Hub’s Motel

The above is updated as we have new information.

For the latest details contact Barkerville Administration direct at: 1-888-994-3332

or email: