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In the late 1850s, the town now known as Clinton was mile 47 on the old Cariboo Wagon Road from Lillooet. By 1863, Clinton became known as “the junction” – the place where wagon road from the Fraser Canyon connected with the one from Lillooet. As an author in the Clinton Lariat put it, “from Clinton all traffic flowed (or should I say trudged) north on the Cariboo Plateau to the gold fields.”

Contemporary Clinton is a haven for artists, history buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts. The Clinton Museum was originally a one-room school, and then from 1925 to 1955 it became a courthouse, in which several judges, including Judge Begbie, held court. The quaint Old Clinton Cemetery, just north of town, is one hundred and thirty-nine years old. Take in the Clinton Annual Ball and Rodeo, the oldest such event in Canada.