Welcome To
100 Mile House

During the first decades of the nineteenth century men from the Hudson Bay and Northwest Company fur brigades stopped here for rest and respite. The building of the Cariboo wagon road ushered in dramatic change and the town earned its name as the 100th mile north from Lillooet.
Nestled in a valley overlooking Bridge Creek, this friendly community has become a year round recreational playground. 100 Mile House prides itself for having some of the world's finest cross-country ski trails. In fact, “the world’s tallest cross-country skis” grace the front lawn of the town’s Visitor Information Center. The 100 Mile region is fabulous as a summer time camping and fishing location and there’s also a great bird sanctuary to check out.

108 Mile Heritage Site, located 8 miles north of 100 mile house, was a roadhouse during the gold rush days.